Waking the Future

The danger in taking shape
as a-woman-who-knows-the-great-betrayal,
as a woman who has the courage
to hold vision for the future
cannot be underestimated.
Or the scale of disaster we will see
looking back
or the reservoirs of courage
we will need to find
in rocks and stones and
wide girthed trees
and other women
we are led to
who carry the knowing.

Waking up
calls on us to witness
the un-seeable
to breath
the unthinkable
to taste the bitterness
the terrible tragedy
of the great lie that has kept us from ourselves.

Yet do not underestimate the price
of remaining asleep
while the world turns
towards its own destruction.
Nor what we can see of beauty
looking forward
through these eyes and hearts
that have carried the grief
of a thousand years.

It is worth it.
The waking.
There is a wholeness on the other side
reclaimed through the gate of devastation.

We are privileged
– beyond reason –
to finally be alive
at a time when the future
can be crafted
at the threshold
of a woman’s

If we take the risk to go there.

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