The Match

Be willing to be slightly mad.
Each morning.
More than slightly.
Be willing to challenge all you know
and have been told
about your subservience
to a higher, greater, better wisdom:
The Authority.

Be willing to wonder if the stirring in your heart,
the ache of unsettled insecurity in your belly,
the confusion and hurt in your head,
are not signs that something is wrong
with you.

Consider them
the rumblings
of a revolution waiting to happen,
the birth of someone who is no longer content
to settle for life under the rule of the Man.

Be willing to trust that all you have ever doubted in yourself
may actually be the stuff of Truth.

Let’s put the gaslighting to bed, then, no?
Let’s stop being accomplices to grandiosity,
carrying around a smallness in our souls,
so familiar, we forget ourselves.

Be willing to light your own fire now.
Arrive in your madness.
You may just be the savior,
carrying a love bomb,
of the greatest wisdom
poised to explode from
the deepest corners
of your delicately

You are the match that lights the old order on fire.

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