Dragon Queen Woman

There are those who will tell you to doubt yourself
and you will heed them
because you love them
(or because your life began depending on them?)
and take in their guidance to your core.

You will turn all you know to be true upside down
and you will live —  inside out —half-mad
a frail misunderstanding of yourself.

They will tell you God is not real,
or that God is something you know not
or that their God in the sky is it and nothing more.
They will tell you that the sun is not magnificent
for rising in the east each morning
and that the earth is simply there for the taking.
They will make you crazy-mad-crazy-mad.
And then, one day
the fury you have sent to the margins of your life
will come alive…

It will rise up, untamed, a lioness roaring
from the highest peaks out to the sleepy flatlands below.

You will know your anger through fresh eyes.

And within that ripping fire
the naked Truth will finally show its face.

For anything under the sun, under God
who’s nature we deny
dies only to be born again.

I AM WHAT I AM, you will say.
I cannot walk this lie
or bear the heavy load of denial any longer.
I can only do one thing well.
Be who I am.

And with this fierce raw power
the shame you have carried for a lifetime will lift.
Behind your walls of self-protection
and their need to keep you down
is the soft, lovable flesh of your heart.

Surrender yourself to this,
and the terror you have carried in your cells
– carried for generations of others before you –
will melt in an indestructible elixir of love.

Innocence…. at last.
You were never to blame.
You were only the messenger,
the reminder of a truth they found… unspeakable.
(And here is the secret revealed: They have scared the shit out of you but what you know to be true scares them even more.)

Do not turn from this.
Realize you hold the power in what you have seen
to bring mankind to his knees.

Weep. Weep. And then rise
with salvation and wisdom, the guardian beasts at your flanks.

You are dragon queen women
You are the power of the Truth.
The salvation army for mankind.

Know what you know. Be who you are.
And with this, you will change the world.

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