Right Side Up

Only the bravest of men
can stand
in the presence of
the Feminine
taking her in.
beyond measure
more than he can imagine
more than he can control
more than he can know

Only the bravest warrior
of a third age
can let himself be touched
by that kind of power
standing on the front lines
waging peace
for a safe future
for a future.

We have misunderstood what it is for a man to be brave
to be strong and proud.
These words have no meaning in an echo chamber
designed to aggrandize.

Courage, bravery, strength
exist by virtue of the honor signaled by their engagement,
their responsiveness
to that which is greater but less visible
less bound to rules and form.

We have not held men accountable to seeing this.
To seeing all of us
to seeing
and respecting.

We have kept secret who we really are.

And for those who say
“but they have not listened,”
for those who have given up:
Can the mothers among us afford this?

It’s time to call for the courageous men to come forward
to fathom the full weight of our human significance.

Time to feel entitled to worship.

Time to turn the world right-side up.

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